A collage of women in various poses, embracing self-love and empowerment during a boudoir photoshoot experience
A stunning white building, Gran Hotel Flamingo, with a beautiful aesthetic exterior and a refreshing pool.
A cozy living room with a stylish couch, a sleek coffee table, and a warm fireplace. Featuring the Gran Hotel Flamingo aesthetic chair from kavehome.
Chic chair by kavehome, ideal for Gran Hotel Flamingo's aesthetic.
Black and white photo showcasing pool and patio at Gran Hotel Flamingo.
Woman in striped dress and hat walking through lavender field on a sunny day.
A woman in a striped dress and hat standing in a field of lavender, enjoying the beautiful purple blooms.
A person strolling through a lavender field, surrounded by vibrant purple flowers and a serene atmosphere.
Lady relaxing on blanket with book, spraying water for refreshment.
Armani Beauty
Freelance photographer & filmmaker
Kristian Petrovcic Photography